Monday, March 31, 2008

RANT!!!!!!!!!! part deux

"RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!" was one of my best pieces, and it has now come to my attention that the world is completely fucked up. Therefore, I shall rant again.

Today, Monday, March 31st -- 6 a.m.

So I'm leisurely strolling down Comm. Ave. on my way to my weekly radio program on WTBU (SIQ Mondays from 6-8. Wake up with morning SIQness!!!). I glance across the street and what do my eyes fall upon? The majestic  prestige of the Warren Towers Taco Bell. Sadly, I cannot stop in later today and enjoy a deliciously unauthentic Mexican feast. Instead, I must toil in my own gloom until I find a new place to satisfy my hunger for familiar, unhealthy foods at a ridiculously low price. Why, do you ask, must I be tortured by this painful separation from the one I love?

Well, according to rumors posted on facebook (the most reliable source of info on the web), this particular restaurant happens to be closing in favor of the soul-ravaging coffee chain, Starbucks (Dun, dun, DUNNNNN!!!!!!). My speculation is that Boston University is getting rid of Taco Bell's cheap, fattening eats in favor of promoting healthy eating options around campus. In recent years, a Burger King that used to grace the sidewalks of Comm. Ave. was also shut down by the University (also according to as-of-yet unsubstantiated rumors). 

I, for one, am outraged. Who does Boston University think it is? Forcing its students to be torn from that which satisfies their late night cravings and left with no other option but to shell out valuable dining points on crappy Late Nite in the dining halls. And another Starbucks?! Seriously? That makes five consecutive T stops on the green line where there will be a Starbucks available. Their coffee isn't even that good; I'd much rather enjoy a hot cup of joe from City Convenience, 7-Eleven, or Dunkin' Donuts. 

I'm calling 'bullshit' and I urge you all to join me in my unrest at this travesty of an injustice. Something has to be done. There's already a facebook group and possibly, a petition, I'm not sure, but something greater must be done. It may be too late for Taco Bell, but we can take a stand and boycott Starbucks until the University is forced to bring in some other form of cheap eats available late at night (and dining halls and the GSU don't count).

Anyway, I kept walking down Comm. Ave. after my show had ended, and I was offered a free Monster Energy drink. Sweet, I AM tired, and I DID only get four hours of sleep. As I arrive to work, I crack that muthafucker open and chug. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don't know, the ingredients to Monster are as follows:
~B Vitamins
~Pop Rocks, and
~Crack Cocaine
There are two servings per container and 7400 mg of their energy blend which includes all of the above, plus glucose, caffeine, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, and maltodextrin. Therefore, I am high as a fuckin' kite right now. Hope my heart doesn't burst. But, I kid.

Anyway, I hope everyone has an enjoyable day and does not-- I repeat, does not-- go to Starbucks. It is the coffee of the devil. Drink coffee from CityCo, the nectar of the gods. By the way, I know BU has a vested interest in CityCo as well, I just don't care. It tastes good, the people don't bother me, and it's cheap. Fuck you, naysayers.

Keep on livin' the dream, loyal readers,

Sincerely yours,

~Michael J. Carlos, Rantier Extraordinaire

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Been Awhile..

Spring is almost in the air. Baseball is coming back to town. The sun keeps chillin' with us long after 5 o'clock. And we still have a whole month until those pesky finals ruin our lives. So what could possibly be bugging me during such a wonderful time of year?

...Nothing. Now, I know what you're thinking. "He's bluffing. He's gonna lull me into a false sense of security and then 'BOOM', he hits me in the face with a roundhouse from his repertoire of rants." Sorry folks, not today. I'm just getting another post on here so that everybody is ready when I blow in a few days.

You see, it's my experience on this planet that everything tends to even itself out. When I'm angry, surely a day will come when things go completely my way and I will be at peace with the world. And on the other hand, when I'm enduring a dry spell of fury, and my life is 
actually coasting along without impediment...CRASH!!! It all comes falling apart with one fell swoop, and yours truly flies into a black Irish rage over the injustices that have been committed.

So tread lightly, loyal readers, for a dangerous situation is just around the corner.

And I'll be waiting in the shadows to save the day.

Until then, enjoy the silence,


P.S. My karma ran over your dogma. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bob Mould: Still Loud, Still Alive

On Thursday night, I went into Union Square in NYC to see Bob Mould, formerly of the bands Husker Du and Sugar, play the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in support of his new album, District Line. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'd never seen him live and the reviews of his Chicago shows weren't very good according to my dad, who I brought to the show- he forgave me for ridiculing his poor movie choice.

We warmed up our musical palettes by watching U2 3D and browsing around in the local Virgin Megastore. Then, we nearly lost our appetite altogether when the opening act came on around 9. The band's name was Halou, and my father, in his infinite cleverness, said, "Halou, Goodbye." They blew. So we went down to the lobby and read press clippings from shows at the Fillmore during its heyday from 1968 to '71. That helped to pass the time for a while, but I'm an extremely impatient human being. I had arrived, so it only made sense that Bob Mould should accommodate me by going on immediately.

He didn't go on until almost 10:15, and it was well worth the wait. He played hard, loud, and fast the entire show. But the most incredible thing was how melodic he could keep the songs without losing that edge. We stumbled out of there and wandered down the block to the parking garage with our ears ringing from the sheer explosiveness of the music. I'm one more frequency down, but I got another great show under my belt.

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Poll Question

Hey guys, if you look to your right, there's an ostrich feeding its young!!--no,  there isn't, but seriously there is a new poll question posted.

What was the worst movie of 2007?

Vote or Die. 
Puffy's gonna be after you now.
You've been warned.